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Don't Buy CBD On Amazon

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According to an article written for Citizen Truth, buying CBD on Amazon can be risky business.  They tested 3 of the top selling products, only to find that they fall short of CBD content.  

The top selling products are usually those that are cheaper.  So, the buyers got what they paid for, substandard product.  CBD is not cheap!  Quality CBD is produced at a cost for organic growing (think about the cost of organic produce), harvesting and extraction.  

Also, Amazon does not allow for the sale of CBD on it's web site.  Usually, the ones that are selling on there are advertising Hemp Oil.  But how do you know which ones contain CBD, and which are just Hemp Seed Oil, a totally different product?  

It is always best to buy from a reputable seller, one that isn't afraid to show you their lab testing.  A company like Medicinal Essentials.


Here is their full article:


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