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Childhood Stress and Anxiety

cbd oil for child anxietyLike us, children experience life.  What we may feel is an insignificant occurrence, can be huge to a child.  A first day at school, a friend moves away, their soccer team is always loosing, or stress in the home.    Many times these occurrences and the stress they cause will manifest in bad behavior.  Other reasons for behavior are deeper such as autism and anxiety.  We shouldn’t over look the effects these things take on our children. 

Just as we want to nourish their bodies with healthy food and snacks, we need to consider nourishing their minds.  CBD is known to be a very effective medicine for treating behavioral disorders in both adults and children.  In fact, a recent study showed that autistic children treated with high CBD  can dramatically improve overall behavior.

In the study linked below, “80% of the children’s parents who participated in the study reported a decrease in problematic behavior, with 62% percent reporting that their child’s behavior improved significantly”.

It is certainly difficult to raise a child with autism, stress and anxiety sensitivity, and other behavior issues.  If CBD oil can help the behavior of these children, don’t consider it a last resort, help them now.

Here is a link to the full article siting the study conducted:

While this study is done with providing children with a blend of CBD with 1% THC, it is likely more preferred to not administer THC to children.  Medicinal Essentials provides the Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil that is THC FREE!

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