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I don’t think I have met a person who doesn’t have some kind of ailment.  Aching back, knees, muscles, joints, internal issues or a disease, there is always something.  Somehow it just feels like our bodies aren’t built to withstand the abuse we put on them.  And we do abuse them, from physical abuses to the lack of care we give them through diet and exercise, mental stimulation and adequate rest.  But we keep on doing it.  Not only that, we then look for a quick fix for years of accumulated problems.  

I, like many others, have taken a more natural way of healing and health.  I also have to admit that I am very skeptical when it comes to many of the health claims made out there for some products I have looked at.  I research them, look for blogs and testimonials, and even then, am cautious about who the author is if it is a sponsored article etc.  

I started researching CBD Hemp Oil over a year ago.  I had seen on t.v. where it was helping children with seizures, and how it was one of the most promising supplements out there.  I wondered, could it possible really work, how does it work, what are the testing facts and is it right for me?

I discovered that it wasn’t easy to find.  There are companies selling “hemp”, and some that say that have CBD and others that don’t.  There are some that disclose the strength of the product, others that don’t but say they are the best.  It was all quite confusing to figure out what was real, and what wasn’t.

I came across a small independent supplier of CBD oil in Colorado.  It was a unique shop where the owners were actually growing the hemp as well as processing it themselves.  They were very excited about the results of their CBD for their customers.  They sold their oil in a syringe, mixed with olive oil.  They didn’t have a strength on it, but told me that it was stronger than their competitors.  Being my first “kick at the cat”  I purchased a 10 day supply which cost me $90.00.  Ten syringes, one for each day, 1ml each.  Excited to see some benefits from it, I started taking it immediately.  Ten days later, the wind had gone out of my sails.  I really didn’t feel any better.  

It would be months before I would give it a shot again.  I continued to look at what was out there and came across a product that is available online.  The CBD Hemp oil from this company is marked with the strength and is mixed with Coconut Oil and is in a 30ml bottle with a dropper.  The coconut oil was much easier on the pallet than the olive oil.  I started using the 750mg tincture.  Now, this isn’t your entry level product.  A lot of cheaper ones I found online started at 100mg, which is only giving you 3mg a day.  Really?  Why bother. I needed to get the real deal, and see once and for all if this was for me.  I took my dropper faithfully morning and night.  Yes!  There is something to this stuff.  I could definitely tell that I was feeling better.  Kind of hard to describe or put my finger on any one thing that was better, just overall, my body and mind felt calmer and healthier.  When I went to buy more, I opted for the 1500mg CBD. to see just what it can do.  I have severe TMJ, to the point where I was told by my specialist that I had to go to a soft food diet.  My pain is exasperated by my tension, which causes me to clench, which causes more pain, and on and on.  Without me initially realizing it, this is one area that it made a huge difference.  I wasn’t clenching.  My jaw was relaxed, and the pain wasn’t flaring up. 

Additionally, I have had problems with inflammation.  I have a pinched nerve in my neck that radiates down my right arm, and my fingers are inflamed to the point where I couldn’t get my ring off.  Well, now I can, no problem.  So it is true, it really does work for inflammation.

But here is the clincher.  I had to undergo a rather substantial surgery.  I had researched the procedure, and gone on blogs to find out what other women had experienced, what to expect, and what can I do to be proactive in my recovery.  That research left me knowing that this was not going to be easy.  Some women were weeks on heavy pain meds, didn’t go to work for 2-3 weeks, and some didn’t even get out of bed for a week due to the pain.  So I was prepared.  I wrapped my head around my Dr’s instructions to take it easy for a minimum of six weeks.  I cleaned the house, made homemade soup, and off I went to the hospital, feeling somewhat anxious.

Well, I can tell you that the blogs weren’t lying.  That first night after surgery in the hospital was horrible.  Bring on the narcotics.  But here is what is amazing to me.  I went home on day two,  and I only used 3 narcotics during the 24 hour period, day three I only took two, and by day four, I used Ibuprofen and Tylenol.   I hate narcotics, so I wanted to get off them, but have no problem taking them if I need to.  By day five I was just taking Ibuprofen.  I even went into my office and worked for 8 hours.  By day six, and thereafter I was up to working 10 hour days, catching up.  What?  Why am I feeling so much better than anyone I had read about, or even what the Dr. suggested?  This is not normal.  I have never experienced this kind of resilience.  Why me?  Could it be the CBD?


Written by Jean Bolt

Follow up to the story:  I have since added the medicinal ESSENTIALS topical salve to my routine.  It has a whopping 500mg CBD in a 1 oz tin.  I keep a pot of it at my bedside and one at my desk at work.  Works great for the pain in my hand and arm when I am on the computer, and at night I use it for my sciatica pain.  It has been a great inflammation reducer.  I am so thankful to have this available to me.

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