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The Oil That Calms

Feeling Stressed and Anxious?  Your not alone.  

Millions of people are suffering from the symptoms of stress without even knowing it.  Often times, they are not even aware that these symptoms are caused by the stress such as chronic fatigue and insomnia, acne, rapid heartbeat, commonly getting a cold or flu, appetite changes and depression.  The more symptoms you have, the weaker you become.

Are you in pain?  Do you have the chronic ache, a knee joint, tight muscles, or arthritis?  That pain not only hurts you at the site, but also by the stress it causes on your body as a whole, but you also become anxious over it.

So here is what you do about it.  You have heard all the buzz about it, now it's time for you to discover for yourself, the cure that everyone is talking about.  This oil which comes as an oral tincture as well as topical salve for that pain relief, is going to make all the difference.

Here is what our customers have said:

Matt said about the tincture, “ According to my ‘Fitbit’, my heart has averaged around 74 BPM. After two days of CBD oil, that rate has fallen to around 60 BPM. I do feel less anxiety already and my focus has improved. I think this is quite an amazing product.” 

Marlyce said about the salve, "I have suffered with Restless Leg Syndrome for close to 50 yrs. I was told there is no reliable cure or help for it. I started using CBD Rich Salve 1000mg. at bedtime. It is the miracle I have been waiting for. It stops the nagging pain and allows me to sleep. I also carry the 500mg. with me for flare ups during the day. I had not slept more than 4 hrs.a night until now."

Karen said about the salve, "I have been using this for weeks for multiple aches and pains after cancer and it definitely helps better than over the counter rub on creams.
I use it for neuropathy, lower disc back pain, joint pain in hands, feet, wrists and elbows and I really like it. It has a light herbal scent."

Pam said about the oil, "I take this for anxiety i also have fibromyalgia. It has really helped my anxiety. I think i need more for my fibromyalgia."

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